The Dapperness of Drapes

When it comes to drapery, it often comes down to balancing or weighing the importance of functionality and aesthetics; there are many decisions and styles to consider. If you think that drapes are the right look for a particular room, you’ll also need to consider the fabric, curtain rod, and tiebacks to complete and finish the look.

Drapery Types

A decision on drapery type often depends on the fullness and that amount of formality you would like. The formality is often displayed in the folds, showcased in different presentation options: 

Tailored Pleat Drapery.
 This is often a best seller and is known for a fuller, but understated elegant look. 

Pinch Pleat Drapery. 
Formal and beautiful. Traditional, but can easily be made more contemporary with a bold pattern choice. 

Invert Pleat Drapery. 
Neatly pleated, with a unique curtain design, giving off a casual, relaxed vibe. Not ideal for frequent use, often used for decorative purposes. 

Goblet Drapery.
 Very sophisticated shape, with large goblet like pleats along the tops of panels. Suited for a very formal look. 

Drapery Headings

Drapery styles are more than just the fabric, as you have to consider an assortment of design choices that factor form and function. Drapery Headings are the top hem of your selection, attaching directly to the curtain rod and helping to define the overall look of your drapery.

Grommets are evenly distributed out with the curtain rod running through them. Metallics such as brass or chrome should be suited to match other pieces of furniture throughout the room. Grommets alone come in a large number of finishes.

Tab Tops: 
Casual and almost playful, a series of tabs allows for the emphasis to be back on the drapery itself and easily allows for a drapery rod to slide in for simple installation.

Hooks & Rings
: A classic look (and sound!) for those looking for a nostalgic or elegant flair. For those looking to use these, more hooks or rings means less sag from the fabric. 

: If you’re not looking to feature the curtain rod in any major way, rod-pockets is a single closed loop at the top for the rod to slide through without visibility (similar to tab tops). This helps hold the form and will experience much billowing of the fabric.  

If you still want something fancy and dapper but not the formal, full of drapes, consider valances, swags, or jabs. These decorative touches typically enhance a window that is often around covered with roller shade, mini blinds, or a cellular shade. Valances frame the windows. Swags are horizontal linen material, jabots are swag’s vertical counterpart. 

Not sure if curtains and drapes are the right choices? Find out what blinds are your best bet by contacting one of our four showrooms, or by arranging to have one of our designers come to your home or place of business. Keep in mind that it is perfectly okay and often recommended to choose different window treatments from room to room. Drapes are a lovely complement to a formal dining room but drapes may look beautiful in your formal dining room while roller shades or something more casual work best in your kid’s room.

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