Cool Customers: How to Keep Your Business Comfortable in the Florida Sun

With the blazing Florida summer sun in full sizzle, it’s critical to keep you and your business cool. Remember: cool customers are happy ones. It’s important to choose the right shades for your business, because, ultimately, this could affect the amount of time consumers want to stay in your establishment. These commercial shading products are more than just something to keep the sun out, they also make a statement and first impression, and US Blinds can help you make your brand stand out. Read below to learn which shades are right for your business.
Benefits of Using Commercial Shading

  • Durable & Resistant: With a professional installation of commercial shading, you can ensure protection from high winds and solar damage. When hurricane season comes along, make sure to get hurricane-rated metal frames. If your frames are equipped with the Turn-N-Slide™ mechanisms, you will conveniently be able to remove your shades in case of a hurricane or windstorm. Keep your business, and most importantly, you and your employees safe with commercial shades.
  • Keeps You Cool: There’s nothing like a cool, shady building after a long walk in the scorching Florida heat. Commercial Shading products can protect you from sunburns and dangerous ultraviolet rays. With specially engineered, code-compliant fabric, you can shade out 99% of the sun’s harmful rays, but only with the quality of professional installation.
  • Artistic & Architectural: Shade your shop and add an artistic flair by choosing unique shades or shutters. Commercial shades or Shade Systems™ can create an architectural statement, intriguing the consumer’s eye and creating a great first impression. First impressions matter. Secure an amazing first impression every time with the help of commercial blinds.

Give your business a unique look, while keeping your customers and employees cool. To learn more about the different options available to you and your business, turn to the experts at US Blinds. The Florida heat doesn’t have to be uncomfortable with commercial shades. Stay comfy this summer and hire a pro! Visit our commercial shading page, call US Blinds today at 386-703-9433 or schedule your free in-home or office consultation. No job is too big or too small for our team. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on current events, tips, and specials.

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