The Difference Cellular Shades Make

Designed with the homeowner in mind, cellular shades are incredibly versatile in form and function while keeping your home insulated and accessible. Cellular shades are engineered to trap in the air with its layers of insulation to keep your home at the perfect temperature—cooler in the summer heat or warmer at night. This style provides an inexpensive alternative to traditional window furnishings at a more energy-efficient cost, all while providing a modern look and with ease of use. Read below to learn about how cellular shades can make a difference in your home. 

Benefits & Characteristics of Cellular Shades 

Efficient Insulation & Cell Sizes 

Cellular shades trap air between the window and the room, creating a thick layer of insulation for air to pass through. There are many types of cellular shades to choose from, so be sure to choose which ones will best fit your home. For increased insulation, you may want to look into a double cell honeycomb shade, which like the name, looks like a honeycomb but has a thicker layer for more insulation. 

Safety & Cord Options

Cellular shades can be cordless, which makes them safe for pets and children of all ages. Whether it’s a motorized option or simply moving the shade to your preferred height, you no longer have to deal with dangling cords that could be a choking hazard for children or chewed on by any pets. When you’re exploring brands and options, be sure to stop by your local showroom to see the functionality that cellular shades have to offer. 

Light & Privacy

Most shades on the market can provide a decent amount of privacy, but cellular shades seem to come out on top. With light filtering, the shades can be optimized to whatever privacy level you need, to keep you and your family safe. 


Cellular shades provide a range of light-filtering options depending on the brand or style, allowing homeowners to create the perfect ambiance for each room depending on the situation. If you’re watching a movie and want complete darkness, use a blackout light filter. If you want some light, but not too bright, there are light-filtering options for that as well, including sheer and semi-sheer.

Fabric & Style

Functionality aside, we understand how much window furnishings play a role in any room’s aesthetics. Cellular shades can be designed to either be eye-catching or neutral to depending on what you’re looking for. They can be manufactured in a variety of distinct fabrics, unique styles, and a host of colors that will compliment your home and decor perfectly. Give your home that finishing touch with a beautiful new set of blinds. 

Cellular shades might just be what your homes missing! Start efficiently insulating your home by upgrading to cellular shades at US Blinds. We’re not just another big box store or internet retailer, and when you visit one of our four showrooms, you’ll see first-hand the quality of our window treatments and the knowledge of our designers. We carry the latest styles and trends to fit your needs perfectly. If you don’t see something that you fall in love with, we can custom make your orders of blinds, shades, or draperies right here in our shop. For more information, explore the rest of our site or request an appointment with one of our experts, or follow us on Facebook for monthly deals and offers.


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