Why Norman Window Fashions?

Norman Window Fashions is one of the world’s largest companies operating in the window treatment industry. They have been in business for over 40 years and are a global company that sells its products in over 140 countries worldwide.

For a number of years, Norman Window Fashions was known only to industry specialists or others like interior designers who are familiar with the quality and features of the numerous products that this company offers. So what sets Norman Window Fashions apart from other window furnishing companies?


The company is known for constantly refining their product offerings and regularly introducing state of the art technology and features, often patented – which means that they are not only an industry leader but oftentimes have unique products which no other operator in the industry, such as Hunter Douglas might have.

As examples, the company recently introduced Norman Smart Drape that functions both as a sheer drape with the added functionality of acting like a vertical blind. All the while being able to easily walk through the drape and the added convenience of being able to launder or replace each slat!

The PerfectTilt shutter introduced this past year is the industry’s first remote-controlled and motorized shutter which is sure to become more popular over time.


What makes Norman stand out beyond the unique technology and innovation from its peers in the industry are the company’s abiding interest in being environmentally sustainable and its commitment to minimizing their impact on the environment. This happens in a number of ways; for example, their wood shutters are grown from either forests or timberlands that they own directly or they use timber from forestry suppliers who utilize best practices consistent with leading forestry practices. In addition, Norman builds their shutters from local sources unique to each continent and climate zone where their clients live. This means that customers who live in the Pacific Northwest have their shutters made from wood grown in that region, which differs from the wood used for clients living here in the Southeast. The end result is that the company has a lower carbon footprint from less trucking and shipping being used. More importantly, Norman shutters will have far less warpage as the wood will react more favorable with similar climate conditions where the product is harvested and ultimately used.

Norman Window Fashions has a similar focus when it comes to actual manufacturing with little or no significant waste or byproducts as almost all scraps are reused or recycled, and the use of organic compounds in their paints and stains. This is very significant as the company has more than 9 production facilities with more than 4.5 million square feet dedicated to building and producing shutters and blinds!

So if you are interested in the latest window treatment products with unique features and a global commitment to environmental sustainability, Norman Window Fashions should be a company whose products you should ask for. Call US Blinds or fill out our contact form to have one of our designers come to your home or business soon!

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