The Continued Popularity of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a popular window treatment in Florida and beyond. While the origin and history of vertical blinds is not well known, they have been in use for several decades.

Vertical blinds
 are vanes of PVC material that hang vertically from a specially built aluminum track. Vertical blinds can be made with a vast variety of colors, patterns, have fabric inserts, and can match or blend in with virtually any décor or style. Vertical blinds are very popular with homeowners who have multiple windows or extremely large picture windows and patio sliding doors. In addition, vertical blinds are a very popular option for many commercial buildings and office spaces, including hotels, college dormitories, government offices, banks, and doctors and dentist offices. They are a highly practical method of covering many windows and provide outstanding value for the price.

What makes vertical blinds also very popular is that they are very effective at precise light regulation. They can be pulled all the way or partially open, which preserves the view and keeps a space from feeling too closed in. They can also be made to open on either side of a window, or in the middle if desired. The vanes can be infinitely adjusted through the tilt rod mechanism to allow filtered light to enter the space with the ability to constantly adjust the light throughout the day.

At US Blinds we are proud to be one of the few companies in the greater Orlando region who actually build their own vertical blinds. We have been fabricating vertical blinds for many years and our products can be distinguished from others for our attention to detail and use of only the best quality components which are specially made to the trade. As a matter of fact we are happy to report that we have thousands of repeat customers who continue to purchase their replacement vertical blinds after having received tens of years of use.

If you need to refresh your space and don’t want the stress and expense of a large remodel, start with window treatments. Remember that one’s eyes are normally drawn to the light and your windows, not flooring, paint or countertops. Vertical blinds by US Blinds is a terrific way to add style and value to your home or office! Contact Us today to breath new life into your home. 

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