Window Treatments: 5 Things to Consider

They often say first impressions are the most important.

And when you enter a home or any room, invariably one’s eyes are attracted to windows, and the light that enters that space. A home that is flooded with natural light will bring more energy to that environment and will add to a warm and airy feel to the space.

Window treatments—blinds, drapes, shades, shutters, awning and more—are an especially effective way to highlight any view and to draw emphasis to the light. They can be become the focal point of the room and provide more visual punch to any outside views. This can be easily accomplished in the following ways:

Be Bold with Accents and Accessories
Adding drama with the use of accent draperies and curtain rods which create more rich visual texture and contrast with the type of fabric material or color of textile.  Bedrooms, living rooms and formal dining rooms are good candidates for this application.

2) Layer Your Window Furnishings
Layering existing window treatments with sheer fabrics, thereby creating soft filtered light while still preserving the view. Cornice boards are another way to layer window treatments, and can be a quick and inexpensive way to dress up a home.  In particular, cornices work great  with large picture windows and bay windows.

3) Add Shutters to Open Up
Adding custom shutters in key areas of the home which will create an attractive facade and provide more curb appeal.  This is often accomplished with installing shutters in the rooms which face the street and are visible to passersby.

4) Motorized Window Furnishings for Convenience

Switching from dated vertical blinds to motorized shades.  This can be especially appealing to older homeowners, and in large spaces where the convenience is welcome.  And for tech savvy homeowners being able to draw and close draperies, and synchronize with other home automation such as lights and HVAC is a highly prized feature.

5) Add Value With Awnings
When it comes to curb appeal, many homes are quite similar in size and features especially in large subdivisions where there might be a number of homes for sale often in close proximity to one another.  Having a retractable awning over a patio or pool area is a key differentiator.  Awnings and retractable screens add real value to the home and oftentimes is something not present in comparable homes on the market.

Your choice of window furnishings can have a surprising impact on any given room. If you need to refresh your space without going through an expensive remodeling, consider updating your window furnishings to change the lighting of a room and transform it to something new. Remember that one’s eyes are normally drawn to the light and your windows, not flooring, paint or countertops. If you want an expert pair of eyes to help you choose which window furnishings will work best for your space, turn to US Blinds – Florida’s leading window treatment experts. Contact Us today to breath new life into your home or call any of locations for a consultation.

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