How to Beat the Heat and Save Money with Window Treatments

As Florida residents, we are blessed by great weather almost year-round. For many locals and transplants from other parts of the country, the lack of cold, snow, and ice are some of the main reasons why many choose to live here.

Oftentimes, the brilliant sunshine and intense heat have its drawbacks for our Florida clients.  Many home and business owners are faced with ever-increasing utility costs associated with cooling their homes or offices. In addition to having to pay monthly electric bills, this often means the periodic servicing and replacement of air conditioning equipment. This can be quite a significant expense especially since HVAC units usually fail from constant operation within 7 to 10 years of purchase.

Heat gain is the process of thermal or radiant heat entering into a building and transferring the warm outside weather into a home or office. Almost half of all heat gain comes from the windows of a building. The rest of the heat gain occurs through walls, doors, and the roof of a structure. If heat is prevented from entering the building then it creates less stress and load on the air conditioner. If an A/C doesn’t have to operate constantly then it will not only last much longer but also result in lower energy bills for the property owner.

Bright sunshine and harmful UV radiation also results in damage to one’s flooring and furniture as this can cause the fading of rugs, cabinetry, and more. The strategic placement of trees and shrubs can help create a cooling micro-climate but will often require years of growth before a shady canopy is created around your home or business. An awning or a retractable screen placed outside over a pool or around your patio area will allow you to better enjoy the Florida lifestyle, but also help lower your utility bills while extending the lifespan of your HVAC system for many more years.

Shutters, draperies, and cellular shades can also help cool your home and protect your furnishings. Shutters will help absorb the most heat gain, followed by heavy draperies. Cellular shades are familiar to many residents of cooler climates because they also serve double duty with their ability to help insulate occupants from cold weather conditions. The strategic use and combination of efficient window treatments, awnings, and retractable screens can enhance the comfort of your home and outside spaces.

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