Keeping Your Home Safe From Hurricanes

Living in Florida, we are very fortunate to have outstanding weather with plenty of warm and sunny days almost year-round. But in the fall, many citizens of our state sometimes experience a sense of dread and anxiety as this is usually the season for hurricane activity.

Take steps to put you, your family and your home out of harm’s way.  Here are a number of tips that can help you prepare as the storm season approaches:

1. Survey your home by performing a walk-around of your property. Are there any trees that are too close to your home? If so, this is a good time to trim them, or remove them if needed.  This is especially the case if there are any large branches that are hanging over your roof or if at very close distance to doors and windows.

2. Do you have chimes, wind sculptures, or wall art on your home?  You may want to secure these and place them into your garage where they will be at less risk of flying off, or into your home.

3. Position your vehicle away from large trees or branches that may fall onto the driveway.

4. Likewise, if you have any garden hose or door mats, you should also put them in an enclosed space where they will pose no harm to your home or automobile.

5. Check your patio or porch if you have one behind your home. Gather any potted plants and try to put them in a covered location.  If you have any trellis arrangements for vines, fruit plants, and the like make sure that they are firmly staked into the ground to lessen the chance that they may get airborne.

6. Outdoor furniture and cushions. Safeguard your cushions and bring them into your house or garage.  Outdoor furniture may be more difficult but it would be  best if they were at least tied together to help reduce the possibility of your lounge chairs, tables and sectional furniture from getting airborne.

7. Re-position lamps away from windows.  If you have heavy drapes or shutters, keep them closed at all times.

Provide hurricane protection for your windows and doors.  The pressure that forms when a hurricane is in the area can oftentimes cause doors and windows to blow out which can significantly affect the structural integrity of your home. If this happens, it may increase the property damage you could experience from   such weather.   

There are many different types of hurricane protection that a homeowner could get for their home.  Plywood, corrugated tin, roll down aluminum shutters all can provide protection for one’s home.

Now there is newer technology which uses the same material in ballistic vests.  Aramid fiber also known by the trade name of Kevlar, is specially engineered to help absorb the energy of projectiles to lessen the damage created by flying objects.  Fenetex is a Jacksonville, Florida based manufacturer that makes retractable screens which can provide protection for a home or commercial building.  They are engineered to provide “give” to help disburse the kinetic energy of projectiles. They are looser than traditional screens, but have the added benefit of enhanced protection against the hurricanes that we hope don’t come to our state.   With these type of newer screens, you can still see out of your porch or patio, not be annoyed by bugs or rain and have the added peace of mind with the safety of Kevlar protection.  You may also benefit from reduced insurance premiums upon approval from your insurance carrier.    

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