Why Cornices for Your Home?

Cornices are a great way to add even more style and visual interest to your windows and space.

Fabric cornices use much less material than for other soft window treatments.  Because of this you can use higher quality fabric which will make a window even more unique, luxurious and create a focal point in your room.

You can design cornices with contrasting patterns, colors, pleats and trims for a truly custom and eye-catching look.

Fabric cornices can be made and used diagonally which isn’t possible with draperies.  This will create more drama and visual impact, so get creative with your design and style possibilities!

You can create a sense of increased depth when you use larger pattern prints, all the while without blocking or reducing the view from the window openings.  

Upholstered cornices actually provide greater sound absorption which can really help when you have rooms with lots of hardwood or tile flooring, cabinetry or granite countertops.  A properly sized cornice can make a space quieter as it is an excellent way to reduce reflective noise and echoing in the room. This can also help family members or guests who may have difficulty filtering out background noise or use hearing aids.

A large expanse of walls can be dull and flat.  Cornices can help liven up the look of a room with large walls.

Cornices will make your home unique and a stand-out with so many of today’s subdivisions with their cookie-cutter homes and similar floor plans. They will add lasting value to the home and be the highlight of any room or space.

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