6 Warning Signs that Your Window Treatments Need to Be Replaced

When most people begin thinking about updating their home, the first few things that come to mind are the paint on the walls, furniture, carpeting, or wall decorations. 

But, something that is often disregarded are the window treatments. Like anything in your home, they too have a limited lifespan. Eventually, you’ll need to upgrade the window treatments in your New Smyrna Beach home.

If you fail to notice when it’s time to replace your blinds, shutters, or curtains, you put the appearance of your home at risk. Look for these six signs to identify when your window coverings need replacing. 

1. Trouble Raising or Lowering Blinds 

It shouldn’t be difficult to raise or lower your blinds. If it requires a lot of force to operate them, it could be because they’re stuck or that it’s time for a replacement. You can try fixing them, but buying new ones is typically easier as the lift mechanism is hard to repair in older models.  

2. Stained, Discolored, or Faded Curtains 

Fabric window coverings can become stained, faded, or discolored with too much sun exposure. Sometimes, stains can be removed by spot cleaning or washing. However, searching for new window treatments in New Smyrna Beach is the best solution to bring an updated look into your home.

3. Warped, Broken, or Bent Slats 

If you notice warped or bent slats, there may be humidity damage to wood blinds or heat damage to faux wood blinds. Any warped slats not only makes your blinds look unattractive but also difficult to operate. Even if only a few are broken, replacing the entire set is recommended because others will also begin to show signs of wear.    

4. Unsafe for Children or Pets 

Children and pets are curious by nature. Dangling cords create a strangulation hazard, so consider replacing your current window treatments with a cordless option. Today, manufacturers produce products that are designed with child safety in mind. These products include cordless shades as well as blinds, shutters, and curtains. 

5. Outdated Style 

Believe it or not, even the style of window treatments can become outdated. If you have the same blinds installed from when your home was built, you should consider looking for new window treatments in New Smyrna Beach. 

You can update furniture and carpeting, but you’re doing your home a disservice if you don’t include your blinds in the update. 

6. When Your Blinds No Longer Meet Your Needs 

Finally, your needs change over time, and your old blinds might not meet those needs anymore. They may be in perfect condition, but new window treatments may be beneficial if the old ones aren’t providing the sun protection, insulation, or privacy you need. 

For additional privacy, consider shades instead of blinds. Shades will help insulate during every season, cut energy costs, and you can even try blackout curtains for premium sun blockage.  

If you haven’t considered replacing your old window treatments, inspect your curtains or blinds for any of the signs listed here. Aside from the obvious indications like staining or broken slats, outdated window treatments should be enough evidence to convince you it’s time for a replacement that can elevate the look of your home. If the time has come to replace your window treatments, then the first course of action you must take is placing a call to US Blinds! We offer a wide array of window treatments to cover all your needs.

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