Breaking Down the Solutions to 5 Common Window Blind Problems

Window blinds are a stylish and practical way to cover your windows, plus they look great. However, some common problems can develop with window blinds as they age. These problems are easy to fix so that you can keep your blinds working smoothly.

Types of Window Blinds

There are a variety of window blinds that come in an assortment of styles and colors, making them the perfect window covering. It doesn’t matter what your design style is; there’s a window blind to suit. The most common window blinds are:

  • Venetian/horizontal blinds
  • Mini blinds (Venetian blinds smaller counterpart)
  • Vertical blinds
  • Panel blinds
  • Aluminum blinds
  • Rolling blinds

Blinds come in a vast assortment of materials, including wood, fabric, metal, or plastic. 

Because there are different types of window blinds, there are different types of problems they will experience, but each problem has a solution.

Solution 1: The Slats Won’t Tilt Properly

When the slats won’t tilt properly, it’s usually due to a blockage in the mechanism caused by dirt or dust. To remove the buildup, use a soft, microfiber cloth to gently clean it out. Once clean, lubrication such as WD-40 can be sprayed onto the mechanism to help it move with ease. 

If the mechanism is broken, it can be replaced by a qualified window blind technician.

Solution 2: Broken Slats

A broken slat on otherwise good window blinds no longer means that you need to replace the entire blind. Slats can be bought and replaced individually. Buy a matching slat for your blind and follow the simple installation instructions to have your blinds look good as new.

Solution 3: The Blinds Won’t Lower

This is a frustrating problem as blinds provide privacy from the outside world. The good news is that you can fix it yourself, but it will take a bit of care. 

The lift cords are released by a cord lock, and if your blinds aren’t going down, you will have to manually release them. Locate the small pin inside the cord release mechanism and gently push it in with a screwdriver. 

Another option is to remove the blinds and check the toothed roller, called a pawl. It can occasionally become stuck, to do this gently push the pawl and release it. Once you’ve done this, the release cord should work. Don’t force the pawl — if it doesn’t give easily, call a professional for the repair. 

Solution 4: Slat Chain Damage

Vertical blinds are fantastic for privacy and energy efficiency. If your vertical blinds have damaged slat connecting chains, you can replace them. Chain lengths are sold by the number of clips, and the replacement is simple. Start by removing the old chains and then install the new ones by following the instructions on the packaging. 

Solution 5: The Blinds Won’t Fold up

If your fabric blind won’t neatly fold up, you’ll need to take it off the window. Gently iron the fabric so that all creases are removed. Put it back up on the window, and it will fold again as it should.

Quality US Blinds in Daytona Beach

While blinds are practical and stylish, things can go wrong. The best place to start is by choosing quality blinds from a reputable window treatment company in Daytona Beach. 

Good quality window blinds installed by professionals are long-lasting and will help you avoid unnecessary problems. If you are having ongoing issues with your aging blinds, it’s time for a replacement. 

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