Beware of These 5 Myths When Buying New Blinds

You already know you can’t always believe everything you read online. But some myths are especially compelling or seem to make a lot of sense, so they’re circulated amongst homeowners like facts. 

But without some understanding and context, you could be missing out, especially when you’re purchasing blinds in Palm Coast, Florida. With incredible new options on the market, blinds can actually be the perfect complement to just about any window in your home.

Don’t be fooled by these five common myths about blinds that many homeowners still believe.

Myth 1: They’re Hard to Clean

If you’re concerned about window treatment upkeep and care, you might be tempted to steer clear of blinds, especially if you’ve only been around low-quality options. But are blinds truly hard to clean? Not really! In reality, most blinds simply need a gentle scrub once a week to stay pristine. 

Cleaning blinds only takes a few minutes. If you’re breaking out a sponge to keep your home tidy, making a quick pit stop to the blinds isn’t much of a commitment. You can even pick up an affordable cleaning tool for just a few dollars!

Myth 2: Blinds Are Dangerous for Pets and Small Children

This myth is more of a generalization that requires some additional context. Yes, the cords on blinds could pose a threat to children and pets. But wrapping up the cord reduces the risk of an accident significantly. With the right care, blinds can absolutely be safe in your home, even if you’ve got kids and furry family members.

Wrapping the cord won’t necessarily alleviate the risk entirely, especially if your kids or pets like to climb. If this is the case, opt for cordless window coverings. 

Want to go even more high tech in your home? Some cordless blinds can be controlled with a remote or your smartphone, making them a safe and convenient alternative for concerned parents.

Myth 3: Blinds Break Easily

The materials your blinds are made from will determine how fragile they are. Some incredibly durable blind options are made from aluminum or wood that can last for years. 

Realistically, if you’re purchasing quality blinds from a reputable retailer, you’re probably getting a window treatment that’s well worth it. 

Myth 4: Blinds in Palm Coast Won’t Match Your Style

To bust this myth, think outside the average product. The amount of options for beautiful, high-quality blinds in Palm Coast that fit the vibe and feel of the area is staggering; all you need to do is check out some excellent local selections to realize that you can find a window treatment for just about any style. 

Along with being incredibly versatile, blinds are also very easy to customize. Sit down with a local window treatment expert to discover all of your window treatment options — chances are, you’ll find the perfect fit.

Myth 5: Blinds Only Work in Certain Rooms or with Certain Windows

This myth is probably the worst of the bunch — why would blinds work in some rooms but not others? 

In reality, you can choose to install blinds anywhere in your home. And yes, they’re also great for any window, including the ones that have odd shapes! Tailoring custom blinds to fit any window can be easily done by your local window treatment professionals.

Are blinds for everyone? Maybe not. But if you’ve been holding yourself back from buying fantastic blinds for your home because of these myths, you might be surprised to learn what a great investment they can be!

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