Built to Last: 5 Pet-Proof Window Treatments

Furry friends are a great source of comfort and joy, but they can be more than a handful at times. Choosing the right window treatments to accommodate pets can be a challenge. However, there are plenty of great window treatments in Ormond Beach, Florida, that can stand the test of time — and the challenges of living with pets.

1.     Cordless Window Treatments

There are plenty of ways that your pets can damage drapes, blinds, shades, and other window treatments. One of the primary points of attack for most pets is the cords. Cats love to bat them back and forth and can quickly find themselves entangled.

This poses a threat to your pets’ safety, and they can damage window treatments as they struggle to free themselves. Today, there are many cordless options for window treatments, even with conventional horizontal blinds and other styles that have traditionally relied on cords.

2.              Sturdy Materials

The materials you choose for your window treatments can be just as important in pet protection as the style. Many blinds and shades are made from vinyl and other materials that don’t hold up well against biting or scratching. They’re also liable to permanently kink if your pets bend them.

Wood and bamboo are both popular choices that provide additional strength. Your pets won’t be able to bend them or cause significant damage through biting or scratching. They might still be able to cause some light cosmetic damage, but the impact is much less noticeable if that does occur.

3.              Vertical Blinds

Horizontal blinds are among the most likely styles of window treatment to be damaged by pets. A cat that jumps onto a windowsill can become entangled in the blinds, more than likely causing serious damage. Vertical blinds help resolve this issue.

Because the slats are free at one end, there’s no way for your pets to become caught in them. Any cat or dog can walk through them freely without worry, with the only real concern being an adventurous cat taking up the habit of batting the slats around. Even then, the right materials can prevent any damage.

4.              Roller Shades

Blind slats provide a constant source of temptation for pets. They can often take up playing with them, which can lead to damage. This damage can be avoided by removing the temptation with options like roller shades that are a single piece. There isn’t much opportunity for mischief with roller shades, so your pets stay out of trouble.

They also provide excellent coverage. Drapes are another common option, but they’re one of the most disaster-prone styles when it comes to pets. Unlike drapes, roller shades aren’t made of materials that encourage climbing or other destructive activities. You can enjoy both style and peace of mind with this pet-proof option.

5.              Interior Shutters

If you’re very concerned about pets damaging your window treatments, then interior shutters in Ormond Beach could be the right choice for you. The challenge with most window treatments is that they’re made of thin elements easily damaged by pets. Interior shutters are bulkier and stronger, preventing damage.

Interior shutters also fasten closed to prevent pets from moving them around. When pets aren’t able to cause any movement, they aren’t tempted to play with the window treatments in question.

Choosing the Right Window Treatments in Ormond Beach, Florida

So which one of these pet-proof window treatments is right for you? Keep in mind that there are many styles and color options within each category. Take your time when making your choice to ensure that you get window treatments that suit your home’s unique style.

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