Custom vs. Standard: Which Blinds are Best for Your Home?

One simple renovation that you can do as a homeowner is updating your blinds in Port Orange, Florida. But then you begin debating whether you should purchase custom or standard blinds. 

Custom window treatments allow you to find a unique and attractive blind that fits your windows of any shape or size. Standard blinds are available in many sizes and may be more affordable. 

Whether you want to update your style or replace damaged window treatments, you must carefully consider your options. 

Custom vs. Standard Blinds 

One of the essential factors in choosing your new window treatments is understanding the difference between custom and standard blinds. Here are the primary differences.  


Standard blinds in Port Orange are pre-fabricated, and the length of the products may vary by up to an inch. In contrast, custom window treatments are separately produced for your windows, making them available in numerous lengths.   


Pre-made blinds are often unlined, while custom blinds allow you to choose a lining that protects them from over-exposure to the sun, increasing energy efficiency and their ability to block light. 


Because custom blinds are made specifically for your windows, they’ll line up with your windows flawlessly. This makes them easier to open and close. Some standard window treatments can be cut in-store, helping to create a better fit.  

Other Considerations for Blinds in Port Orange, Florida 

Length, lining, and width are essential factors to consider when investing in new window blinds. But those are not the only points to ponder. 

Slat Size 

It may seem insignificant, but slat size affects the efficiency of your window treatments too. Standard blind slats measure three sizes: 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches. Wider slates are better for deep windows, while narrow slats complement shallow ones.    

Custom window blinds with broader slats will help you improve the look and feel of bigger windows. But if your home has shallow windows, consider wood blinds or other styles with narrow slats.   

Internal or External Mounts 

Internally mounted blinds are placed inside the window frame, while external blinds are attached to the molding on a wall or outside the molding. You can find both mounting options in pre-fabricated blinds, but depending on the size of your window, you may need to purchase custom blinds. 

You can find the measurements of standard blinds on the manufacturer’s instructions to determine whether ready-made blinds are suitable for your window. 

Are Custom Blinds Worth the Investment?

Windows are a large part of the aesthetics of your home, so this is a question best left answered by you — the homeowner. But to help you make that decision, here are a few things that make them different from standard blinds. 


Custom blinds allow you to create the precise look you want. With standard blinds, you must use the hardware included in the kit. It might not be as visually appealing as the hardware you hand select for your windows. 

Window Shape 

Arched or trapezoid windows give your home a unique look but make it difficult to find standard blinds that fit. Custom window blinds make dressing up these irregular windows easier because you have endless options to create the perfect blind. You can make your distinctive window the focal point of the room with custom hardware, colors, and cords. 

More Control 

If you like to know what exactly you’re getting, custom blinds may be your best solution. You’ll have your choice of fabric with thousands of prints and colors available. You can choose between cordless blinds and motorized blinds, making your window treatments attractive and convenient to use.    

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