How to Choose the Best Window Treatment for French Doors

A French door is the ultimate combination of windows and doors, providing much more natural light to brighten your home. French doors are traditionally covered with mini blinds or curtains, but these treatments aren’t the most modern looking and can be hard to keep clean. 

Fortunately, the customization process has never been easier, with the newer French doors offering more options like sliding panels and wider panes. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choice, here are some tips to keep your French doors looking fresh and fabulous with these window treatments in Port Orange, Florida.

Consider Multiple Options

A fantastic-looking window treatment is a great asset to any room. But in the case of French doors, functionality needs to come first before anything else. 

A window treatment you love may not be suited for a French door, as the doors have handles to account for. So take care to pick a treatment that won’t get caught in the handles when you use it. 

If you’re opting for blinds for your French doors, cordless is the way to go to prevent any knots from excess motion. And since French door window cords can be lower to the ground, cordless is a much safer choice for homes with children and pets. 

Installing brackets at the base of the door can be helpful as well. The brackets can even hold the bottom of the window treatment in place, which will be handy if you use your doors often.

The Top Choices for French Door Window Treatments

What works best with French doors and why? Do homeowners favor shutters in Port Orange or are shades a better selection? Here are the window treatments that often work best for homeowners with French doors.

Window Blinds

Classic window blinds — you have them, you love them, and you might want to install them on your French doors. Vinyl, wood, and aluminum blinds are all excellent when paired with French doors. You may need to have your treatments custom-made or adjusted, but they’re easily the most cost-effective solution, even when accounting for modifications. 

If you opt for blinds, you’ll need a way to secure them to the bottom of the door frame to keep them from rattling against the doors. Keep this in mind when you pick out your blinds.

Roman Shades

Perfect for privacy, Roman shades offer light blocking for your French doors. They’re a fantastic option because French doors tend to have larger panes that go to the floor, which could allow people to see inside your home more easily. The thick fabric on these window treatments keeps your neighbors out of your business!

Roman shades won’t cause problems with the door handle, either. They traditionally operate with a cord system, but cordless options are also available and highly recommended for French doors.

Plantation Shutters

Shutters are great at keeping the hot Florida sun from entering your home.  You have the choice of choosing between composite wood shutters and real wood shutters.  Both are excellent choices and can handle heat rejection equally well.  Composite wood shutters are the lower cost option while real wood shutters can provide the natural warmth and true beauty that is much like custom furniture for your windows.

Choosing the Right Window Treatments in Port Orange, Florida

French doors are an excellent way for you to celebrate the sun more often. But with these premium window treatment selections, you’ll also get to control when and how you’re ready for the sunshine to begin!

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