KAS Rugs

Your décor is important to you. It’s important that you match the innovative window treatments you found at US Blinds with equally eye-catching rugs. What do you do?

At US Blinds, we’re proud to supply fashion-forward floor coverings from KAS, and industry-leading rug supplier since 1981. We carry product lines and designs that are exclusive to KAS Rugs dealers! Feel free to view samples at any one of our four US Blinds showrooms. All rugs upon selection, are immediately shipped to your home or business within days after your order is placed!
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Why Choose KAS Rugs?


KAS rugs are among the most fashionable floor coverings you’ll find. Whether you’re looking for textiles in understated traditional patterns or bold modern designs, KAS rugs have you (and your floor) covered. They’re not only the perfect accent to any room, but you can also purchase them to complement outdoor spaces such as decks and patios.

Overall, the KAS product line contains over 70 collections to suit every taste and style. Homeowners can choose between handmade and machine-made rugs, and even order matching pillows and poufs. For cohesive, high-quality interior design, don’t choose anything except KAS.