Custom Retractable Screens for Storms

As Florida residents or new transplants, we are reminded each and every year about the risks and dangers posed by hurricanes. It seems that with every passing year, the hurricane season starts earlier and ends later, and we continue to experience greater numbers of storms as well.

Hurricanes pose unique challenges to the coastal residents of Florida. Hurricanes can create multiple issues for our community, including the loss of power, significant storm surges, and damaging winds. Water being pushed inland from these storms is known to cause the most property damage.

That said, the risk posed by high winds cannot be taken lightly. Strong tropical force winds will rapidly cause communities to lose power, and downed trees and power lines sometimes can take days to clear or longer.

But most people underestimate the power and danger of hurricane-strength winds. These winds can launch projectiles at very high rates of speed. Combined with the mass of the object, these winds can attain kinetic power similar to a speeding bullet hitting a person, home, or automobile!

Our wind screens are made from Aramid fiber, which is the same material used for police officer's protective vests.

They will provide additional protection by dramatically slowing down the speed of flying objects. Slowing down the speed of any loose and flying objects will help disperse the kinetic energy of these items and will greatly reduce the damage or risk of loss to your property as well as your personal safety.

When the danger passes, our high windscreens retract into an attractive headrail blending into your home, all the while taking minimum space.

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