Window Tinting


The Benefits of Tinting for Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings


Professionally installed window tinting by US Blinds has many benefits to a home or business. Tinting is complimentary to window treatments, and when combined with proper window treatments such as awnings, shutters or cellular shades will provide even greater energy efficiency, enhanced privacy and much more.

US Blinds installs solar tint manufactured by American Standard Window Film company, one of the leading window tint companies in the United States. Quality solar film is designed to absorb or reflect harmful and intense UV radiation–which is the primary culprit for generating heat inside your home, and fading your furniture, flooring and draperies. Our brand of solar film can reduce up to 99% of the UV rays entering your home. This not only helps to regulate indoor air temperature by uniformly providing cooler rooms in the hot Florida summer, but dramatically reduces the demands being placed on your home’s AC systems, lowering your utility bills all the while helping extend the life of your HVAC system.

American Standard Window Film



US Blinds window tinting is warranted for 5 years, as long as the windows are under original manufacturer’s warranty. Most window makers provide a 10-year warranty on the sale of new windows in residential applications. Keep in mind however that most window manufacturers will void the warranty if window tinting is applied as it may lead to seal failure in the future.
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Other Details


Our rates start from $9/sq. ft. We have a minimum $300 charge for buildings in Volusia and Flagler Counties. We charge extra if we need to reach spaces that are higher than 12 feet off the ground, and we also charge extra for having to remove older, previously installed window tint. We generally do not provide window tinting for RV homes or boats, but can refer you to others who can provide that service.

Window tint will be applied without cost for labor or product. If windows have cracked while still under manufacturer’s original warranty, US Blinds will reimburse its customers up to $500 maximum per failed window.


Which Windows Work Best?


What is important to remember are several things: while tinting will help with energy savings, it is not always appropriate for every type of window. In general, single pane windows stand to benefit the most from tinting, however if the panes are extremely thick then the increased thermal load placed on the windows from tint can cause them to crack.

Secondly, if you have double paned or insulated glass windows it is not recommended to put tint on them if the panels are more than 10 years old, or if the seals have failed. This is most often observed when there is fogging occurring or condensation present inside the two panes. Most homes built within the past 20 years will have double pane windows, and most panels will have a seal stating the date of manufacture at the upper or lower edges of the window panel.


Residential & Commercial Options


In addition, we recommend that you match the exterior paint or stucco finish of your home or office and choose the appropriate window tint to provide a nice, tailored look to your building. Be aware that some homeowner’s associations prohibit some or all window tinting; most of the problems occur when the property owner chooses highly reflective mirrored finishes, or a very dark black or security finish window tint.

US Blinds also installs security film suitable for businesses of all types. This is usually a much thicker film, and in the event of glass breakage makes it extremely difficult for all but the most determined burglar from gaining entry into your building. This film can come in a clear, mirrored finish or dark black finish. Regardless of application, in the event that you decide to choose a very dark finish, be mindful that it may substantially reduce the amount of light coming into your space. So if you value having some natural light come into your space, think carefully before you make your choice.

We can also install decorative tint; similar to having frosted windows this is an attractive option where you seek privacy but also value the benefit of natural sunlight coming into your space. This may be a great option for bathrooms or front entry doors.